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Collaborators for life, the mother-daughter team of Deborah and Jamie Nelson morphed their creative spirits and entrepreneurial lifestyles to create this spectacular private nature retreat in the Caribbean.

As creative entrepreneurs, both enjoyed decade-long successful careers in publishing--Deborah as an author, publishing, and writing coach, and Jamie as a fashion and beauty

Deborah's longtime dream of a retreat to host celebrities to write books in peace and privacy fused with Jamie's vision to offer her Hollywood clients an exotic tropical shooting location to spawn this unique boutique retreat. The inspiration behind Flamingo Jungle was born from Deborah's passion for flamingos. Deborah dreamed of fusing her desire to help aspiring authors with her love for animal rescue and intention to create a safe space for flamingos and other creatures in need.

This serene spot was spurned from lifetimes in the making and required thousands of moving pieces and events to mesh perfectly as one. 

With Deborah writing and coaching in the Caribbean for 10 years, and Jamie visiting throughout those years, Flamingo Jungle was born in 2020--just before the COVID lockdown when the Nelsons closed on the 2.25-acre ocean view property in March of 2020.

At the time, Flamingo Jungle was a wild jungle with an infinity pool, an ocean view, and quite a few bare structures. Two years later in the summer of 2022, Flamingo Jungle emerged to boast of its first music video production, as well as its 6 live flamingos living on the site.

Jamie's thriving location business in the Hollywood area has inspired the high-end design and prop ideas for the property. Her experience and understanding of photography, directing, and shooting locations have made it a dream filming spot. 

Meanwhile, Deborah has been living on-site, managing construction, maintenance, and remodeling projects. She tends to organic gardens, and flamingo infrastructure and facilitates the organic nature of how Flamingo Jungle flows and grows. 

Jamie makes frequent hops over to infuse fresh new vision, take updated photos, and do planning sessions.

And … last but not least—The live flamingos on site have been models with an onsite handler in some especially extraordinary photo shoots.


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